• Tony de Lacey

Be Potentially Dangerous

The best way to live is to be a monster, to be prepared for aggression and more but choosing never to act upon it. That is the way to be. Being dangerous, being able to be a very dangerous person is very necessary so you don't become a victim. Not acting upon it, controlling that danger, is what makes you powerful and incredible.

"The meek shall inherit the earth". We have been told that being nice is the best way to be in the world. Be the 'nice guy' or 'nice girl' and you'll be alright. If i hear someone call me a 'nice guy' one more time... Being nice is fine but it implies you are unable to do anything else. You are almost a passanger in your own life. When things go wrong the nice just try to make it ok. Where's the virtue in that? Life is suffering so there's no point just being able to be nice. People take advantage of that. Also no one is ever just nice. If you are nice the whole time you aren't living honestly and you aren't embracing something that is very important to you deep down. People sense that and either see you as a victim or actually weak. This is true in the animal kingdom and in the human world.

"The meek shall inherit the earth" is actually a mistranslation. The translation from Greek to English of 'Meek' is actually someone who is aggressive but chooses to be nice. That is the real and true meaning of those who actually do well in life. We all have a dark side. We all have a side that bubbles up when things go wrong for us. When we don't get what we want, when something gets taken away from us, when we get hurt, that side of us in academic circles it's called the shadow, is revealed in some way. That is the hint that we should embrace. We have to be willing to observe our own resentment. We have to become the monster in order to understand it and indeed control it. Contemplate your own resentment so you know what to do to overcome it. Don't think your shadow doesn't exist, otherwise it is not controlled and your 'niceness' is as a result of an internal victimisation.

What's the point of being potentially dangerous? It actually reorientates your 'niceness' to actually being more honest and more true. The caged aggression within you still influences you in terms of making sure you aren't taken advantage of and people respect your kindness rather than pat you on the head and say 'aww you're so cute'. People respect you if you have your sword with you but you have it sheathed. You shine your own virtue on the world if you are the monster who chooses not to be monstorous.

Perhaps the most important aspect of knowing how dangerous you can be and how resentful you really are when things go wrong is essentially pushing you to learn more when things go wrong. Learning what happens when things don't go your way and finding out a solution to it to lessen suffering and to further control your shadow is wisdom, ultimately. Learning about yourself in your lightest and your darkest moments puts you closer towards the truth; the true meaning of being. You stop living a lie. Believing that there is no such thing as anger, resentment and darkness within you is wrong. You are human. You have these dark moments. Acknowledging them means you control them. Acknowledging your true danger frees you from the victimised 'niceness' you can fall into.

What is potential danger? The possibility of being aggressive, nasty, mean, spiteful, resentful, terrible, hurtful, all manner of things is within all of us. I discovered this when in my darkest fantasies i saw in my own mind all of these when things were going wrong. In knowing just how dangerous i was i found that not acting upon it made my ability to deal with situations better. Better the devil you know only applies to the devil within you. That's the soul; two sides of a coin. My behaviour is now more liberating. People think that sometimes i'm a bit eccentric, a bit out there and liberated from shame. That's because i learnt to embrace the shadow lurking within me, control it, see that the potential for danger is there but i don't do it and i control the fear and i am braver. You can do it too and you can feel more free to act however you like in your life.

Acknowledge your shadow, know its destructive qualities, know its danger, know it's awful potential if unleashed on the world. Understand it as you observe it and its hints when things go wrong. Learn to control it. Then and only then will you turn from being Mr/Miss nice, the vulnerable victim, into Mr/Miss right, the heroic monster...who is absolutely lovely, and a gem but dear God do we respect him/her!


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