• Tony de Lacey

Don't Be A Quitter

Don't give up! Why are people so reluctant to remember this phrase? Seriously, it is incredible just how easy people can give up almost everything. No matter what that thing is as long as it is benefiting your life as soon as adversity or even perceived adversity comes one's way we are so ready to give up and go home, give up and go back to the familiar. We give up on working towards making our lives better. The reason why is amazing and it should reveal to us who the real enemy is.

Giving up is not an easy decision to make but it is chosen more times than I can believe. The culprit however isn't so much the outside world, external pressures or responsibilities, it is us, or rather that voice that tells us that stopping is for the best. It is that voice within all of us, indeed our mind, that says you don't have to do any more, you can rest now, it's not your faiult, the odds were stacked against you, you can give up, there's no shame in it. You can stop trying. You can settle. That voice tells us that this long term road to making our lives incredible is just not worth it because we can't do it and there's no shame in turning and walking back. We have all at one time or another succumbed to this voice because it reveals to us the easier option, the downhill setting. This voice does everything it can to justify quitting to you even if it means lying to you. Well, at the end of the day this voice is a liar pretending it has your best interests at heart. In reality it is anything but.

Quitting things that we are working on in order to move forward in life is the easier option. We have already explored why making life easier is not the same as making life better but that voice within us tells us that the easier approach is absolutely fine even though in reality it is the most self-destructing path. How am i so sure? What's the only way to lose a game? What's the only way to lose in a video game? Dying? You can just use a continue. Run out of continues? You can start over again. The only way to lose at a game is to give up and walk away. That's the only way to lose and that voice in your head wants you to do just that.

Want to know perhaps the worst thing about this voice? It justifies quitting to you through many ways and the worst way is telling you to quit because there is something wrong about you. It tells you that there is something wrong and you could never succeed. What's the point in continuing if there's something fundementally wrong with you? The voice tells you you were never going to win, so you might as well walk away. The odds were never in your favour. We accept this so many times in our lives. We think there is something wrong with us when in reality there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.

What is the alternative? Well it's simple. That voice within you, festering in your mind is just that; a voice. How do you stop it affecting you? You stop listening. You find that it does NOT have your best interests at heart and i bet you anything you can look back in life and see evidence of that. You can stop listening to this voice and you can get up, you can move forward, accepting long term roads in order to get to where you want to be. That voice will start screaming at you, making as much noise as possible but the greater your ability to no longer listen to that evil voice the less it can affect you especially when adversity comes your way.

Adversity gives that voice the platform to speak but that does not make it right. It is never right. If you can ignore that voice telling you to quit and to carry on moving forward, never giving up then you can and will overcome almost every single example of adversity in your life. You will keep going no matter where you are on the long term journey you are on. You will disbelieve excuses that hold you down, make you feel bad about yourself and develop the discipline necessary to make your life absolutely incredible. You will feel the power over your own life seep into your veins throughout your body. You will find out just how much you can achieve.

You are smart enough, you are good enough, you are pretty enough to do what you want. Let the world be as it is because most people listen to that voice. Let the weak be driven by that evil voice. Stand out! Stand on your own two feet and believe only what you see not what you think. You will be stronger for it. You won't fear quitting because you know that is not an option. And even if you are forced to quit something you will not retreat, you will regroup and fight back. This is after all the most logical stance to take.

Yes, dear reader, i said it. Logic trumps feelings any day because it is from our feelings where this evil voice dwells. It can manipulate our feelings and force us down. Logic focuses our minds and we therefore control our feelings enough for us to never quit, never give up, never blame ourselves. Logic would never let that happen to you. You would never let that happen. Don't be a quitter. Don't listen to that voice. It does not have your best interests at heart. There is only one way to lose; and that is to give up, accept mediocrity, accept things that hurt you. There is only one way to win; disbelieve that voice that tells you to give up, search for the things that make your life better and to not let anything hurt you again.

Accept the power.


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