• Tony de Lacey

Embracing Trust and Faith

A couple of weeks ago TDL Fitness published an article called 'Trust No One But Yourself'. We received great feedback on this but we feel we have promoted cynicism and mis-trust of other people. This was not the aim of the article. The aim was to promote the importance and integrity of the individual over other people as a priority. There is an important, no, vital added component to this and that is the word 'faith'.

Trust is something we can build and prioritise on ourselves and trusting ourselves means we focus intial and vital responsibility on ourselves. Trust demands responsibility and the first and foremost responsibility we have is to ourselves in our mental and physical well-being and betterment. Perhaps once enough trust is built up within us we can start to give it to other people as cautiously as possible. This is very precious and should be treated with reverence and respect. The most malevolant people cannot betray or hurt that trust if we first trust ourselves. Once we do we orientate ourselves away from bad people and bad things and so the risk of trusting people is lowered. Trust given to others once we have trusted ourselves fully is called faith.

We must have faith in people, the ones who deserve it. Faith is something big, huge even. Once the process as outlined above is accomplished we are ready, and in fact are more courageous and more smart to give something so precious to someone or something else. Faith is so important when developing ourselves and our responsibilities outside of ourselves. Responsibility is what gives our lives meaning. Without faith we cannot begin to find greater meaning in our lives.

Nietsche said that God is dead and so we must forge our own doctrines, reject every external element and focus just on the self. He is only half right. Without faith in other people we cannot begin to reach the meaningful lives that we actually want deep down. When we develop cynicism we artificially restrict our lives and so we tar everyone with the same brush. We reject goodness in the world if we do not give an element of trust, if we are unable to make a leap of faith.

In order to live as close to the truth as we can, orientating our minds around the true nature of the world and the honesty that comes with it we must be willing to reach out after careful consideration within ourselves. It's that trust and faith which has kept the human race going, has contributed to a great movement of believing in individual strength and power through the teachings of others. I wouldn't be able to help people live their lives free of the suffering that life is if people did not have faith in me. I hope that faith is always there.

What we have to gain from a healthy bond of trust and faith is incredible. We gain another perspective on ourselves, we help reduce the suffering of one or two or three people or more. We take on the responsibility and in some cases share it. Having faith in others can liberate them from their own fears of trust and faith. In giving our faith and trust to others we say to ourselves we are able to give our lives greater meaning because we are ready to take on more responsibility because in reaching out we are pursuing the greatest good we can attain at the time. Humans are social creatures, and are thus sponges to what resinates with them. When we reach out the best of our trust and faith it gives others the chance to do the same, like a snowball hitting another snowball on its way down the mountain.

Once we as individuals are ready to reach out we can orientate our lives to the betterment of others around us like our families and friends and more without denigrating the responsibility to ourselves, ever.

All of this power, all of this goodness amidst an act of faith can only be achieved after accepting full and unwavering responsibility of ourselves in our best bits and indeed our worst. What an amazing motivation to have, knowing once we are done accepting responsibility over ourselves we gain the power to light other people's lives. I am thankful that i have got there and have based my life, my business and my efforts to reaching out to people. Come join me. Either that or i'll reach out to you.


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