• Tony de Lacey

Everything You Do Matters

Are you struggling to know what to do in your life? Asking the existential question about what the point of everything in your life is? Waking up in cold sweats feeling lost and in some ways alone? Second guessing your decisions in life not knowing if you have made the right or wrong ones? The root question to all of these questions is; do you feel like you as a person in your being and your actions matter?

Of course you matter! Everything about you matters! Everything you do matters! You need to pay more attention in your life to see that the answer is so obvious that you'd be a fool to not see it. Everything you do happens for a reason not in the sense of 'fate' or because it was pre-ordained. Everything you do happens for a reason because they are all clues as to how you want to live your life, and how you ought to.

If you take the nihilistic approach where nothing matters and who the hell cares because you're just one of billions of people in one insignificant space and time then you can say; well if that's the case who needs responsibility? What's the point in life, therefore? It's a very tempting way to be. For one it's easier. Of course it's easier. You have no meaning. You're just waiting around with no hope, no drive, no idea of what needs to be done because there is no reason for being. You live life with no responsibility. That's the downhill setting and boy does it feel empty on the way down.

Nihilism, the way by which you give up on finding meaning is not the way to be. It isn't because that's not what life is about. Religious texts, teachings of history over and over again show how actually life is so important because for one it promotes justice in a world where you can be either good or bad to others. Another reason nihilism loses out to the life of meaning is that the world has been shaped by meaning, by people who assign great value to their own lives in what they do that we have to thank for where we are now. Learning history in the development of our society, our morals, our treatment of others around us is not thanks to some fate as we wait around hopelessly in our own miserable slices of existence but by those who decided to assign great meaning and responsibility and had enough drive to get to where they wanted. Technology, liberty, music, art, philosophy, so many things which we take for granted because we can't begin to imagine the affect it's all had on our lives are not the products of nihilism but by those who decided to give their lives an incredible amount of meaning.

On a more personal level if things don't matter then everything bad that happens to you doesn't matter. The fact that you and everything about you matters means that you have a responsibility to take on the suffering in your life and to sort it out for your betterment. Deciding that you matter means that you start treating yourself properly. You don't open yourself up to things or people that hurt you. You make better decisions in your life that perhaps you have been putting off because 'what's the point?' Knowing that you matter in every way means that you will start living your life properly and in the way you wanted it rather than in the way you think life wants you to be. If you want to stop asking the big questions about what you were put on this earth to do then accept that you as an individual matter. As you learn this you will discover just what you're doing wrong in your life. You will make the fundemental changes necessary to clean yourself up because there's a reason for it. You will have an answer to the question of 'what's the point?' The point is that you as an individual matter because you want meaning in your life. It's what makes you human. You already live with the responsibility of mortality. Use that to take on more and as you do you will discover that you are tapping yourself into allignment and you will find out just what it is you really want to make of your life. You will become more and more sure of your decisions if you become more sure and responsible for yourself. Life choices will become much simpler if you discover and decide to reach for your true individual potential.

This is the same for your actions. Everything you do matters. That's the definition of a meaningful life. Everything you do matters because that means that everyone around you matters; and that's a huge deal! Everyone around you matters so you accept the responsibility that comes with that too; as long as you are ready for it. Treat people with kindness because of it, learn to deal with people properly because of it. As you deal with people that matter you discover just how easy it is to spot someone you would rather not be around if they feel they and/or their actions don't matter. You will know them and you will know what to do with them.

You realise just how much of an impact you actually make on the world. Roughly speaking you will come across and get to know around a thousand people in your life. They in turn will roughly know the same amount themselves so you are just two people away from a million and ten away from a billion people. It's like a ripple effect. Once you treat people a certain way as if they matter that can have a huge impact on the world. There's the evidence.

If you treat yourself and the world around you as if it matters then you will decide, and i hope you do decide, to do good things because of it. That's the crux of religious and peaceful teachings. Do unto others as you would do to you. Well, you matter to yourself. You are responsible for yourself. You will therefore only look to do the good for yourself. So why not do it for other people? Everything about you matters and when you follow what interests you, taking on the responsibility for it along the way then you will live that meaningful life countless people have done before you, some making history, but all living the lives they always truly wanted. Your turn.


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