• Tony de Lacey

I Choose To Fight Back

Al Pacino's immortal speech from the film 'City Hall' is what inspired this article;

"I Choose to fight back! I choose to rise, not fall. I choose to live, not die. And i know that what's within me is also within you."

Whilst he was technically speaking to a congregation at a funeral his speech could be directed towards us. Those 4 sentences say more than a thesis, poem or book in what it means. These words mean one simple thing; living, winning, rising is a matter of choice and this power is within all of us.

The new human condition as created by TDL Fitness is anchored on the one big power we all have and that is the power of choice. We can all choose everything we think and feel if we have the power to control our mind and body. It is of course difficult and unfair to expect people to be able to go from the old human condition where thoughts control us to the new condition in a matter of minutes (though it is possible) so there needs to be a sort of bridge between the two.

Where does that bridge start? It starts from the one thing we need help with; coming up against adversity. Establishing where fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, jealousy etc comes from is the main thing and we have established that it does not come from situations we come across in life. Suffering comes not from life but from thoughts. How do we know? If something bad happens and in the grieving process we are somehow distracted then grief disappears. It comes back when that distraction goes so we know that thoughts cause unhappiness. So we need to know how to get from unhappiness through thought to this new human condition.

The real monsters are our thoughts and it's time we faced them. We face them by addressing our thoughts by asking what story our thoughts are telling us. Once we understand that these thoughts, this story our mind tells us isn't true in reality then suffering goes and we control our thoughts. This is how we address the monsters that are at our door on a daily basis. So when we decide to address and disbelieve our thoughts that make us suffer we fight back.

This process is a difficult process when you read it in an article but in practice it can be so easy and it doesn't need many goes at it to work. It can all work if you choose to do it. That's again where the element of choice comes in to play. The current old human condition works in a way that we are slaves to our thoughts and we chase for things that distract us from our thoughts. We push these thoughts away in an attempt to 'deal' with them but in reality we get moments of pleasure but eventually we get back to that suffering that we have outlined already. This bridge to the new human condition in which we control our thoughts is a path not that we can achieve but that we choose to go down on. We choose this new path and we choose to fight back. We choose to rise. We choose to live.

TDL Fitness rejects the notion that this new human condition is a higher existence. Nietzsche in his work on a new, different way of living as a better, more enlightened form of living. He called these people 'Ubermensch'. We simply believe that fighting back against thoughts, controlling them and living a life with no desire to achieve happiness but be happy without a reliance on anything is a choice that most people never go for because they believe this to either be impossible or exclusive to Buddhas. If you decide to go down this path which starts with choosing to fight back against your own thoughts then you too can choose to live, not die.

What's within me is also within you. How do i know? You are human. You are powerful if you choose to be. It all starts with fighting back.


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