• Tony de Lacey

Keep Going

"If you're going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill

Few phrases in the English language have the ethereal beauty and the magnificent meaning that can help people do extraordinary things. Feats of human existence rest in no small part on those few words, phrases and utterances that countless heroes have lived by in order to make the world what it is today. In the minds of most the phrase 'keep going' is perhaps the greatest phrase of them all. It's meaning, it's application, it's results have helped forge the experience of human kind in more ways than one could possibly imagine. In that wisdom, in that power of the spoken word and this spoken, written and read phrase it would be of supreme wisdom for us as individuals to take it with us and create our own stories and experiences with this phrase ringing in our ears.

To keep going isn't just to push blindly ahead regardless of what may come at you though that is a big part of it. The act of going is of course the act of going forwards, in some direction we desire ourselves. We as individuals, powerful individuals must have that direction that is true to us for us to go and to go forwards. Direction of life, of desires and dreams is the bedrock of our determination in life that makes us proud of our lives when we look back. So we go forward and we do it with all the strength in our bones.

What does it mean, however, to keep going. This path you have decided to go down is not going to be easy or it would be a well trod path, where countless people have gone before and if that is the case you are simply going with the flow rather than forging ahead. Rather than going uphill towards the sun-lit uplands you are traveling down a stream where perhaps you are not where you want to be going where you do not want to go. Going up a path will have unforseen elements to it. These unforseen elements are manifested as the things life throws at us. It is the pain, the heartbreak, the unexpected diagnoses, the mental blocks, the external pressures that make that path difficult. It batters us, it reminds us all the time that the path we take ourselves, individually, is difficult, not easy and not straight forward. There will be times when that surge feels too much, and you will glance even just a second back for that would be the eaiser thing to do. There is however a phrase...

Keep going. Such a phrase can be loudly shouted so that you can battle against the loud and harsh wind that life throws at you. This phrase can be said as if lovingly in front of you if life pushes you to feel lonely. This phrase can be uttered under your breath as if there is utter silence and all you need is a small ripple in the air to disturb the silence life created in a vacuum. "Keep going" is something you say not only to your teammates or to other people but most importantly to yourself. You say it to yourself as things look at their hardest. As the wind blows you back, pinning you down it is that phrase, said to yourself that reminds you that you can and you will keep going.

Mutter it, say it, shout it, it does not matter. However it works for you just do it. 'Keep going' is the phrase i mutter to myself when things are at their hardest, as life throws its obstacles at me. Sometimes that phrase uttered to myself is all i need. Sometimes it is the start of action to help me keep going. Such a frivolous and seemingly pointless exercise can seem useless but when we accept the gravity of both the situation and our resiliance to fight against the things that push us back the meaning of this holy and revered phrase increases, its existence in our lives gains traction and its resulting affect on us and our lives grows and grows. It is that process, that acceptance of the fact that we can keep going through every instance, through every issue, through every storm that we may actually keep going.

Acknowledging that we can indeed 'keep going' means that we accept that there is another way from the easy way of accepting pain and accepting the elements which blow us back down the path. There is another way and it starts with us if we say 'keep going' to ourselves. We accept the internal power within us. If we can keep going, turning adversity into power, turning dissapointment into opportunity then we are truly unstoppable and we are truly free.

Utter those words with utter reverence. It is those words that inventors, sports legends, great leaders and heroes have spoken throughout history. They have gone through all sorts of hell to get to where they wanted to go because they accepted that they could keep going. All they needed was the phrase to remind them to do so. So this power is handed to you from history for you to use. Whether you are writing a book, lifting a weight, chasing down the titans of industry or just getting up in the morning that phrase can be the difference between failure and success. Use those two words carefully, accept their great and wonderful meaning. Then and only then can you win for sure.

"Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don't have the strength" - Theodore Roosevelt


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