• Tony de Lacey

Make Life Better; Not Easier

Exercising is a method by which we improve our lives on a day-to-day basis. Going forward in life, improving our lives and actually living require us to commit our emotions, our discipline, our fervour, our reason to get out of bed in the morning to making our lives better. This attitude of bettering ourselves through our own endevaours requires us to understand that making things better doesn't mean making things easier. Whether something is easier or not MUST be relegated to an after-thought, a symptom, rather than a driving force.

To understand the difference between 'better' and 'easier' we need to know what each means. To better one's life we are making oursevles more resiliant to the pressures and issues of life, the external and what our mind will try to do to make us feel bad or worse than we could be. If you are bettering your life you are increasing your self-sufficiency, decreasing reliance on anything or anyone, understanding that power and happiness comes from within, not from anything else. Bettering your life requires you to change so much of you that is considered holding you back whether this is desiring something or someone we know does us or has done us harm (and there are lots we are simply passing off as expendable). Making our lives better requires the pure act of living our lives to the full throwing off the shackles off artificial pressure and external influences that make us feel inferior to others. Bettering our lives gives us permission to finally live our lives.

So what does making things 'easier' really mean? Making our lives easier eliminates effort...as if effort isn't required to make great changes and to react to things that go wrong around us or aren't going our way. Making things easier can easily mean taking less risks, favouring the well-trodden path over the one through the wilderness. Making things easier is making things similar; there is less of a risk of falling and that leads in turn to less of a chance of rising up. Making things easier means we have to think less, react less, have to change course less and ultimately the goal of making things easier is to flat-line our lives to the point of order, making us incredibly vulnerable to chaos. The easier path is well documented and admits that one day things will get very very bad. It's all a matter of just riding out the storm rather than doing anything about it. That's the easier path.

Now, making our lives better has some other effects such as making things easier, like being able to cope with stressful situations better, lifting things easier and increasing our ease of looking at our reflections in the mirror. It would be foolish to suggest that anything easy is bad. But the difference is looking for the better route rather than the easy route is often very different, out of our comfort zone and may not even be very predictable. We might see the better route as one we wouldn't normally take but deep down, deep deep down we know it is the right path.

Think of it this way. What if the human race did things the easy way the entire time? Sure there would be less wars but there would also be fewer inventions, fewer breathroughs, fewer incredible stories of heroism, bravery, invention, brilliance that has defined the amazing qualities of what it is to be human. So what purpose does the easy way of living give us? We become passive in our lives. Doing things the easy way relinquishes control to whatever option is met with the least resistance. That, dear reader, is no way to live. You would willfully give up the reigns of your horse-drawn coach, you would relinquish your drive for a better life and a stronger life with you at the helm for a vague promise that you will be led down the easier path? Do you really trust life that much to willfully go down the easier path?

In the end who looks after you the most? Fate? Other people? Your friends? Parents? No. The only one who looks after you most and most effectively and with a proven track record of success is you. You are the only person in the world who can make you happy. So why would you give in to the easier way of living when at the end of the day nothing in life will make you truly happy other than your own happiness and that can only come from self-control, not the easiest way.

I do not want you to go through your life on a conveyor belt of ease. I want you to fight, claw, scrap, dig deep, shout, grapple, tear, march your way through life not to feel and bear more suffering but in order to keep you in control of your own life. That's what you need to do. If that means doing a complete 180 then do a complete 180. If that means putting you out of your comfort zone then put yourself out of your comfort zone. If that means dragging yourself to do what you don't feel like doing then you better do it!

Think about this, finally, dear reader. If you don't decide to better your life, instead to make it easier then who will make your life better? I'll give you a hint. No one. Only you.


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