• Tony de Lacey

Shine Forth

It is very common to underestimate what we do in life especially when it comes to responsibility and meaning. We underestimate ourselves to such self-detriment that we start to define reality in a way that puts us down in an almost permanent state in which we are constantly trying to improve ourselves with a glass ceiling. Such a state is incredibly usual because we are led to believe that we are never as good as we can be and should be better than we are right now. This is an incredibly vulnerable state many people find themselves in to the point that we start to reach for pathological beliefs to make it better e.g. looking for approval from others makes us feel special. There is however a way out of this and all it takes is knowing when to shine forth.

A heavy start to an article, i understand but it this is a great issue that is repeated over and over again. We are afraid to go forward in life in so many ways because holding onto the bars seems like a better option to just letting go and seeing where life takes you. Dear reader, if you persist in holding on to what is safe, familiar then you will never escape the awful perceptions you have of yourself. You will cling onto what you know rather than finding out what you don't know. Want to know what the biggest thing you don't know until you let go of what is familiar? Just how incredible you actually are.

I am in no way suggesting that you don't know how much better you are from others. We at TDL Fitness are not in the business of comparing people to other people. We ARE comparing you right now with what you could be tomorrow. Reading this you must know a few ways you are holding onto the familiar and the easy in order to avoid the unknown. You have no idea how just holding onto one thing in your life that is familiar to you and feels safe to you holds you back just as much as if you lived in a permenant state of safety and comfort. As long as you have one toe in the safe zone you will never have revealed to you just how amazing you really are.

Why is this? Why does such a revelation require such a dramatic action; the act of letting go in order to find how amazing we are? It is because what we hold on to in order to feel safe is what we believe makes us feel good about ourselves whether it's holding to a person, an idea we are measurably hotter, richer, better than others in some shape or form. We crave envy and we enjoy a hierachy because frankly it's easier to understand. If you prefer to play the game of life on hierachies socially contructed by yourself and others then you will never realise just who you really are. Sure, living that way can motivate you to better yourself to go up the hierachy but you will realise that the harder you push the more impossible it gets to get to the top, or to wherever you want to go. And even if you want to push to a certain level of this hierachy you place value on it will never ever be enough. You will always want to look up.

I give you an alternative. Look forward and jump. Let go of the hierachical ladder you have placed yourself on and give in to the unknown. Why? The jump, the letting go is so so small. You will not fall far, the ground will be closer than you think. Then, once you have let go you will leave behind you the pressures and responsibilities and desires you artifically placed upon yourself and you will see yourself in a whole new light because that is the real you. You are not someone tied to some man-made tier of existance, you are you, you are the only one of you in the world and you are incredible. You can see things clearer when you see yourself clearer.

The real you is an amazing individual, with more power over your life than you thought. Your scope of free will is immense! It is just what you always wanted when you were a child; freedom to live your life. You don't need to live your life according to any one else's standards but your own. You are the master of your own ship. Why not start sailing rather than letting something or someone else sail it for you and to the detriment of your own freedom to live?

This is a purely mental choice given to all of us. It always has been since we were given the political and social and cultural freedom to do so and we should be immensly grateful to those who went before us who fought, campaigned, died and more so that we could have this choice. So why don't you make it? Stop looking for heroes and be your own. Be who you want to be. No one chooses to be anxious, pushing a boulder up a mountain with no idea of how far it will go. No one chooses the social pressures we are given, but we can choose to relieve the pressure. I beg you, reader; let go and live your life.

I hope to see you on the other side. I'll have cookies ready when you decide to join me and the thousands of other people who have decided to take control of ALL of their lives. All you need to do is shine forth.


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