• Tony de Lacey

The New Human Condition

What if i told you that you could be addicted to the gym every day through nothing but thought? What if i told you that you would never be sad again? What if i told you that you could have everything you need to be happy right now? What if i told you this could all happen in the time it takes for you to read this article?

Throughout my adult life i have striven to try to improve the human condition. I believed through training, soul searching and study i could find a way for everyone to be happier, fitter and to be that way forever. I believed that it was simply a case of improving your life as most self help and self empowerment books, movements and beliefs teach you. Fitness to me was an addition and i could not understand why it was so difficult for other people to do the same. I could not understand why the way people lived without fitness and indeed without happiness was for some reason a source of contentment. It felt like trying to wake people out of the matrix but it wasn't working.

That was until this very day i am writing this article. On the way back from work on the train i was continuing my exploration and then it hit me. It's impossible. It's impossible to improve the human condition for so many reasons, the main one being that we accept that the human condition is in itself flawed. We have accepted that we as humans get things wrong. "To err is human" as they say. So if that's the case how can we improve on something which relies on knowing that it is flawed to go on? How can you improve a human condition which accepts being sad, depressed, lonely, heart broken, angry, anxious as an inevitability to stimulus in the real world? It's not your fault that you are sad - that's what we come to accept.

The human condition is also reliant on getting things, wanting things and desiring things in order to push us forwards to where we want to go. Too often we use those desires to get us through the worst of times as well. The stoicism of the British, the can-do attitude of the Yanks, the flagrant indifference of the French; these generic things that get us through the tough times to where we want to get to are staple ideals of a community for example. If we constantly desire things then we can not be happy. Simply put what happens when you get what you want? Is that enough? Will it be enough? Or will you want more? When you have it will you be afraid of losing it? Wanting things, desiring things, living to avoid things leads to no guarantee of happiness, it only creates sadness if you don't get it or if you lose it or if you get it but it doesn't make you happy in the end. People say that wanting things gets you motivated but does it? It only motivates you because your mindset is fixed on "when i get it i'l be happy" which is quite frankly a lie. This however is the current human condition.

The human condition is shaped through hundreds of years and has taken many forms but it has followed a consistent pattern that drives people to glory and disaster. If disaster and happiness is possible then why do we still accept the human condition as a way of life? Simply put; we do it because we believe that there is no other option.

So what if i told you that there was?

See what i got wrong was that i believed the human condition could be improved and life could be better if we just made adjustments. But i was naive in thinking that this was possible because as i have said the human condition is flawed and that flaw is accepted. So we can't improve on it. It simply isn't possible. The fitness and happiness lifestyle outlined in my previous articles is not possible because it is reliant on a choice. I saw the choice in the wrong area.

The choice is not a matter of thought but a matter of deciding that your life needs a new human condition; one which doesn't accept flaws because it is reliant on choice. I am proposing a new human condition; one based on logic, rationale where the individual is king and the only desire is happiness in its most true form. This new human condition relies on the simple point; you need nothing to be happy. Therefore when a negative stimulus comes your way there is no inevitability of feeling bad, we have a choice to decide how we react. We can react to be happy to anything because happiness is reliant on nothing. This new human condition is the only way that we as humans can truly be happy with want for nothing, accepting no flaws, putting the responsibility of our feelings back into our own hands.

What this means effectively is that we have a choice; to accept the current human condition and accept that being sad, lonely, depressed, angry, anxious etc. is a part of life and we aren't to blame, or we can choose this new human condition which is reliant on nothing but choosing to be happy, accepting that we live in the here and now and we live our lives not as victims of life but as owners of it.

This is where the fitness lifestyle comes in. This new human condition is the only way that you can get into exercise if exercising has no impact on your work or daily pursuits. I believed naively that the fitness lifestyle was an addition but of course it isn't. You can see it in people who give up because they believed as they were told that fitness is simply an adjustment of your daily schedule. It isn't. In order to live a fitness lifestyle forever we need to accept this new human condition as a choice so that then and only then can we stop chasing things and start being ourselves, improving ourselves mentally and physically. Remember that exercise is one of the most selfish things to do in the world. Apart from people who play in teams or professional sports no one actually benefits from your exercise results but you. This new human condition puts you first, puts you in control and stops you from chasing shadows and makes you live in the moment. This mental environment is the only way that you can really get into the fitness lifestyle from a standing start. This is the only way for you to change your life for the better.

6 years ago i took this challenge to improve the human condition to make it better, happier, smarter, stronger and more fulfilled. I was wrong for 6 years in thinking that the human condition could be improved. Today and for the rest of my life i have finally got it right; we need a new human condition so that we can make a real choice in life to be fit forever and happy forever.

"If you want to be happy, be" - Leo Tolstoy


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