• Tony de Lacey

We All Have A Choice

In life you have two choices; to do something or not to do it. A simple yes and no to everything occurs in almost everything we do. Choice is not limited to whether we have a burger or a salad it occurs in whether we want to be happy or not. We choose everything in our lives. We empower ourselves to the greatest ability when we understand that we are in control of the most important thing; ourselves. We choose whether to be happy or not, we choose whether to exercise or not and we choose to have this power or we choose not.

Let's look at the latter. Let's see what happens when we choose not to embrace that power. This old human condition relies on fate, destiny, karma, a life ruled by what is good or bad, wanting things, that we have no control over our lives and we put ourselves second to the bigger idea of altruism, someone else or anyone other than ourselves. This human condition, this state of mind will go through pain, suffering and accepts that as an inevitability because that's what the human condition is. It goes without saying that this state of mind, this human condition sees exercise as unnecessary because it's too self centered, serves nobody but yourself and responsibility for bad and good things rests with someone or something else. We relinquish control of our lives because we are told that this is good and this is bad. This life surrenders choice for something defined by the media, ideologies or a subjective structure which does nothing but limit the human potential.

Let's look at the other option. This is an option you cannot fall in to. This is an option you have to choose. This is the option of the second form of the human condition. This is the new human condition as outlined in a previous article 'The New Human Condition'. This condition is one built on the power of the individual in which we control what we think, when we think it and how it affects us. We choose to be happy. We choose to put ourselves first. We choose to not believe the bad thoughts in our head of worth, value, good or bad. We live in the moment and we make choices that we can control. What is real are the things we see not the things we think. We choose to put ourselves first so we choose to exercise. We choose to exercise every day because that is a choice in itself between self-love, self-improvement, self-empowerment and the alternative as outlined in the previous paragraph. We choose to live in the moment.

That's right, i declare war on the idea that 'choice is an illusion'. Choice is not pre-determined, you cannot rely on fate to deal you a better hand if you feel you have a bad draw of the cards in life. You have the power to make your life free and beautiful, to make it a wonderful adventure. You put yourself first because you chose to do just that. You deserve the credit, the responsibility and when it comes down to it when you choose knowing full well that what happens doesn't matter because you are happy either way because you choose to be you end up regretting nothing.

Yes, you read correctly. If you live your life truly happy then you regret nothing. Why? Once you live free and happy because of the power of choice you know that what you choose is right for you. The only regret you truly have in life is not taking the chance but not deciding to take the chance. Regret nothing by understanding that you have the power to choose.

If you don't believe you have the power to choose then don't go to the gym. Why bother? It's an easier choice to stay at home and do nothing. When you give yourself the power of choice you will always choose to better yourself, improve yourself as it is that you will always choose to be happy if you could. Wouldn't you choose to be happy no matter what if you had that choice? Now you do.

So you can choose to go to the gym. Once you make that choice you give yourself the credit you deserve. You just empowered yourself. It's like that tiny choice you put in your head when about to bungee jump. You decide to believe in your choice to jump because you know you will be ok. Your ability to choose doesn't end there, it's only just beginning.

Choose to exercise. Choose to be happy. You have that power. You need only choose to understand and accept it. It's mentally hard to let go, to let go of that belief that things will just 'get better' on their own. You are part of the majority of the world if you refuse to let go. Let go of the pier. You will float because once you get the choice whether to float or not you will obviously choose to float.

Don't leave it to fate. Don't leave it to chance. Decide. Make a choice. Choose to live your life. Choose to go to the gym. Choose to be happy forever.


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