• Tony de Lacey

What Is Inner Power?

The inner fire, the inner fight, the inner will to do the extraordinary. Inner power is an over-used term and very few who choose to talk about it rarely tell you what it is and of course what it requires. Simply put; inner power is natural determination; that is, it is the ability to create an unshakable will to do something difficult and long term from practically or absolutely nothing. The self-sufficient happy, thriving and living person is able to create that inner power from within at a moment's notice should it be required. The skill to summon inner power is seldom taken but as always often offered by our own human potential.

Inner power can be created from external influences, for a time. Often the new year's resolution people or those who have had some traumatic event occur in their lives will use that external influence to create that inner power to do what they need to do to make things right, not necessarily easier. This external influence or rather catalyst is perfectly useful but what happens when it wears out? What happens when the significance goes? Where do you go to re-ignite that inner power that drives you to the heights necessary to live happy, healthy and free?

Inner power always requires a spark to start the engine but where that spark comes from is the real question. If it is not reliant on a significant external event then where do you go? Answer; you use anything. Anything? Anything. The secret to developing that inner power is found in the clue of how to most obviously get it in the first place. How often significant events that happen in our lives can be found at the start of something we started to do to our benefit or even to our own detriment. The inner power, that unshakable drive to make an incredible success in the world comes from events that happen in our lives. Do not throw that clue away but use it!

How do we use it? We take anything, even a thought to use as that spark. Do not wait until your next crushing break up with a partner to start doing something incredible in your life. Though that event is useful in the sense of sparking that inner power within you it is not neccessary. What the clue there is that if that event affects you in a positive way then a derivation, an event similar but not exact is experienced that could be all you need. Is that inner power triggered by some sort of rejection or breach of trust? Every time you expect something even minute to to happen but it does not, even if you left your pen on a desk and found it was not where you expected it, thereby feeling like you can't trust your own memory on something so small then that could have just the same impact on you as a break up. How am i so sure? If you are able to develop that inner power within you from an event, or rather your response to an event then you can do the same in a positive way. You don't have to find yourself crying on the bathroom floor if you found your electric toothbrush to run out of charge unexpectantly for that inner power to be created; but your response, that iron will to improve is brought to life by a reaction then simply do the same with anything.

Think this is oversimplifying the process of developing that natural determination to do anything? Yeah, you are probably right. You are also probably thinking that hypnosis isn't real either! Hypnosis, or rather manipulating the mind to react to things in a different or indeed a controlled way is all too real and is employed by those with the open-mindedness and ability and indeed desire to control their thoughts that can do what is set forth in this article. By being able to elicit the same incredible and healthy response to a setback similar to a larger one you would rather not go through again you not only develop an ability to overcome just about anything that stands against you it means developing that inner power is easier; and from that your life will be transformed. Those things you said you could never do on a long term basis suddenly become very easy to do. That iron determination you see atheletes display in order to get to the top of their craft suddenly becomes doable for you pretty much overnight.

Inner power is a skill that can be manipulated to occur within you much more often than you thought possible by virtue of you being human and having the human capacity to do just that. I'm not saying you only use 10% of your brain but you defintely underestimate the power your brain actually has. An internal organ whose electric brain activity could power a small town that tells you you can't do things like look after yourself physically or tells you that when a big and bad event occurs you won't be able to cope? That sort of mentality justifies your decision not to go for your full potential. In actual fact that is no excuse at all.

Live with control over that tap within you that dispenses inner power necessary to fuel the great and wonderful things you could and should do in your life. That inner fire, that natural determination to do what you always wanted to do is within you if you decided to react to significant and less significant events in the same defiant way. This will give you a greater reason to react in a defiant and great manner that can separate you from crying in the corner and fighting back stronger and happier than ever before even against the smallest of events and the greatest of trials, if you would but take the step.


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