• Tony de Lacey

What's In A Reflection?

One of the more usual sights we see every day which we overlook is our reflection be that in the mirror, a reflective surface or the glint in your friend's eye. Most of the time we don't notice it but subconsciously we are actually affected by it, or rather we are affected by what we perceive from our own reflections. That clue can give us a big insight into what we actually think of ourselves both in what we see and what happens when we see a glimpse of ourselves several times a day.

Our own reflections and what we think of them are similar to when we hear our own voices. I don't know about you but i hate the sound of my own voice. Listening to my podcasts after they are recorded i actually don't like hearing myself back. Not to say that one hates the way one looks in the mirror but we are given a different and subjective viewpoint of ourselves. If you look at yourself in a mirror, just you, for long enough it is amazing what you will pick up in your own reflection that you might not do so with other people. Look at yourself in the mirror long enough and you will notice things like perhaps a couple of dark rings round your eyes (if you are a panda this is normal), a stare that perhaps you didn't notice was revealing a constant emotion that you might not be embracing or aware of, the way you hold your arms in front, to the side or behind you betraying some emotional leakage you might want to see. The reflection is actually a multitude of information on you, how you look, think and feel about yourself and within yourself. There's a lot in a reflection that can give you clues into how to get yourself in order. There's always something no matter what you might have told yourself.

So what's in a reflection that you don't notice or stare hard at? The same thing happens but instead of a multitude of information you are given a very short sentence or phrase that sums you up to what your brain finds as the most important. Remember, your brain is incredibly intelligent so when it catches a glimpse of you it sends you a message as fast as how quickly you saw the reflection to tell you about yourself in order to raise awareness and no more. We tend to ignore this phrase but subconsciously we don't and it will come back to us when we are trying to sleep; not in an obvious way but in such a way that affects other things we think about. Say your brain caught a glimpse of you and told you that you don't look confident. Then something in your day which requires confidence occurs and as you sleep on it you feel less confident about that thing simply because your brain said you weren't confident all because of a glimpse of a reflection. This happens quite a few times a day and many times in a week, and mostly on similar lines.

What does this mean you should do? To avoid misunderstandings with your brain, and trust me there are always lots, you should take the time to look at yourself in the mirror for what might seem to be an unusually long amount of time. You should take the time to understand what you think of yourself before your brain tries to sum it up and colour your viewpoints on things in the world skewing your take on reality simply because of a very quick glimpse of your reflection. It is a factor we take for granted at our peril.

What's in a reflection? Long ago people thought a mirror caught your soul. I am telling you to own your soul by staring back at yourself. You do it in the gym a lot of the time which assists in your feeling better about yourself at the end of the workout because it helps you understand yourself just a bit more simply by looking at your reflection. So why not do it more? It might seem odd but it will help you take control of your own reflection. It will help. It always does.


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