• Tony de Lacey

You Can Fly

"Life is a tragedy" - Jordan Peterson.

A bleak phrase starts this article. That is very true. But it is at the beginning. The article has yet to begin. And that it what life is. That's where you might be right now. At the start of your article. Everyone's life is a tragedy. Social media wrecks this reality but in truth everyone has their own tragic slice of life. But that doesn't mean we are wedded to this concept. In fact it is the complete opposite. Life is a tragedy. So what are you going to do about it? Now reading this you might think; this is ridiculous. The idea that you can take any life and make it better is so fanciful you might as well tell humans to just start to fly. Yes, ladies and gentleman. I am telling you that you can fly.

Of course i don't mean flying in the literal sense. That is ridiculous. But to fly as a human requires lots of things. It requires thrust, it requires up-lift, momentum that means the air passes at different levels underneath and on top of a kind of wing. No greater metaphor exists about exactly how to change your life than the idea of a human flying. We can all fly in the literal sense. We just need money to pay for an airline ticket. We get on a plane that was built by other people. Wait for a pilot to turn on an engine someone thought up and created and take-off in a way that allows a heavy hunk of metal with people in it to leave the ground.

There, i talked about flying in the literal sense for those who prefer to have that in their minds. This is another concept i'll come back to later. For now just think of this; you sitting or standing, or lying down reading this are right now stuck on land. You are stuck in your life which you can't really escape no matter how many times you emigrate. You take your mind wherever you go. That is life; being stuck in an existence that is socially, culturally, practically limiting. We need so many things in order to make life work that indeed life is a tragedy. When's the good stuff coming, eh? Alright let's do this.

So life chains us to the ground. However we are given hints be it overtly or covertly that the chains that keep us down mentally and in some ways physically are not there on a permanent basis. That is the state we know, the state that conforms with society as we know it. Free will; the will to do something different and individual; that's the bit that we forget and that's what throws the chains off. Free will; the act of doing something completely not what is directly needed socially or monetarily is what throws off the chains. The act of doing, bettering yourself and doing so on your own free will is what gets you free of your chains of society and the bonds of every day life.

So what does this mean for you? How can you take off the chains and fly? There are hundreds, thousands of ways to do this. You can write a book, star in a play, sing at the top of your lungs, go to the gym and live a fitness lifestyle. At no point should society restrict your ability to do anything you want that will better your life in a meaningful way. Anyone who tells you that you need more structure, more chains, less free will to be happy simply doesn't understand what living is. You do what you want, in however way you want to in order to be free and to fly.

This is where fitness comes into it. Where better can you learn to feel like you are flying than in exercise and fitness? It is accessible, easy to do and gets you into a mental and physical state of realizing just how free you are and just how much better you can be; it's called potential. Realizing potential is the same as realizing that you can fly. That's the feeling you get when people say 'well done' after you do something; they are helping you realize just what you are capable of. But when it comes to fitness you say well done to yourself after every exercise session. You constantly realize more and more about your potential that you feel that you can fly. That is the power of fitness.

Now coming back to my literal analogy about flying with the plane and the engine and the pilot and wind resistance and thrust. Let's say you are slowly realizing that you have potential in your tragic life. You begin to understand it but you say 'no it's too simplistic to suggest that that is all it takes to fly'. Yes you are right but it is a start. What happens next is where this part of the analogy comes in. The literal sense of flying for a human is getting on a plane. But in order to get there you have to walk over years of work of other people getting it right scientifically, commercially, manually, practically so that you can fly. It took the potential of other people to get you where you want to be. That's where you make your life great; by realizing that everything you do is connected. What you do in realizing this bit of potential and that bit of potential is that it leads you to another level; another higher realization that you are higher off the ground than the chains you had on you way back when kept you. Every bit of realization gets you closer to the plane, gets you closer to your seat, gets you closer in the air. Your realizations small though they might be all have a bigger picture. Every time you realize something in the back of your mind something says; 'and you can fly'. Flying is both a realization on the micro and macro sense.

Now all of that was more in the future and connecting the dots but for many of us we need to find the dots first. That's where the small things come in to play. That's where you begin; a slow realization. See we tend to believe in the movie fairy-tale that it takes one event magical or supernatural to change a life. Some people wait around their whole lives thinking that will happen but as with social media it distorts our grip on reality. Life isn't about a single event that turns everything around no matter the size of the lottery prize you might or might not win. The key to life is the little things that help you realize at the end of the day that you can fly; the power is in your hands if you choose to do all you can to throw off the chains that hold you down.

This is a power that we shy away from because if we know that it is possible then we feel bad we haven't done it yet. But it's never to late to start and it's the only way we will realize that we can fly.

So why not find out for yourself that you can fly.


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